December 26, 2020
Online Flash Gaming: end of an Era

Online Flash Gaming: End Of An Era

If you have played Alien Hominid, Burrito Bison Revenge or Motherload, or spent countless hours on miniclip, newground and Kizi playing the Parkour game or that game whose name you can’t remember? You are probably a fan of online flash games, and you are probably aware that adobe is planning to end support for flash by 2020.

Adobe made the announcement to end support for Flash Player in 2020, Flash player is the NPAPI plug-in supporting online flash gaming.

But, why was there so much rave about online flash gaming? The simple answer would be; they were readily available; with an internet connection and a browser, no console is needed to play, and more importantly…you can build one for yourself!

So what is online flash game?

Online Flash Games as the name implied are browser-based games that one can play on multiple web-browsers. Games like Strike Force Heroes, Frog in a Blender, Angry Bird, Bejeweled, Super Mario Bros, Crash Bandicoot including Farmiville are/were all flash games. Of course, some of these flash games were moved to console, but prior to then, one just need to have a browser to play these games. They are quite easy and simple games and the graphics are not super advanced compared to what one gets from a Unity game engine, and the control could be glitchy.

All flash online games were powered by Adobe Flash player…the downside is Flash player eats battery life and make the computer fan to make unpleasant noise. For the techies, it was the unaddressed security nightmare that became the issue and it was why Apple refused to support it on iphone. Consequently, that trend brought bit-size migration to HTML5 for games support. Flash online game would have still been the rave if only Adobe would open source flash player.

As they say with all good things…everything must come to an end. Onine flash gaming are nearing an end, with the rise of HTML5, but there was an era when they were all the talks. They gamers inject new ideas into the flash game design, new mechanics were introduced. This was enabled by the democratization of the software. The level playing field it handed everybody with enough interest and time to dabble into game design saw an explosion of creative outputs from good games to very crappy ones.

Why are they addictive?

Online flash games are addictive for their simple plots and amazing storyline, consider the game ‘Fancy Pants Advanture 2’, it is a platformer adventure game, with a match stick central character. The detailing and the graphics of the game is incredible, with unique and memorable levels, of course it did not enjoy the popularity of Mario Bros, there is still a great deal of connect one feels as one adventures with Fancy Pants.

What is the future of online flash game?

The browser vendors like Microsoft (Edge and internet explorer), Google (chrome ), Opera Software (Opera), Mozilla (Firefox) and Apple (Safari) are all planning their exit from the platform, What does this mean for the future of Flash online games? The browser vendors have since the announcement of the likely demise of flash initiated some changes into their browser architecture such that to play online flash game on the browser, it does not run by default. It has to be specifically enabled for that need.

Adobe will cease to update the security for flash at the end of 2020. That will be the end of an era.