December 26, 2020

The Snail Bob Game is a Simple Yet Exciting Arcade Game

The Snail Bob game is a simple yet exciting arcade game that is designed with point-and-click features. The hero of the game is Snail Bob who is on a mission is to help locate a perfect new home after being kicked out of his old home that was demolished by humans.

Players of this game – help him find a new home. There are several levels in this game with each level being more advanced than the previous one. In each level, game players must operate mechanical equipment’s in order to allow him to pass through without being harmed. Players must use their wit and problem-solving skills to puzzles that can help him get closer to getting a sparkling new home. The goal of game players is to attain at least three stars on each level. However if game players are unable to do this, they got to start all over again. 

This game currently has 20 different levels to play. Each level has colorful 2D graphics and players have to use a mouse to play this game. 

The game currently has 3 series. In the first series he is finding a new home. In this series this amazing snail is introduced and game players help him get away from bulldozers by directing him to stop and move in order to not be crushed around a construction site. Game players use tools available to create a safe path for snail Bob and allow him to exit the construction site without being killed or stuck. 

In the second series, he is on his way to a birthday party. He brings a birthday present for his grandpa on his way to visit him. However, the road to his grandpa’s house is crowded with hungry animals, deadly traps and stinging insects. Game players must help him to successfully make his way safely to Grandpa’s house.

The third series is called Egypt Journey. In Egypt Journey he is found in the desert where Grandpa snail accidentally warped him. Game players help him vanquish every obstacle and find his way out of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. 

The game was first released in November 2010 as a flash game. In March 2007, the game was updated with html5 version. The creator of this game is Hunter Hamster. It is currently it is a highly rated game with a current rating of 9.0 stars out of 10 stars with thousand of people playing it.